Our Team

  • Academics:
    • Prof. Başak Kale
    • Prof. Işık Kuşçu
    • Prof. Besim Can Zırh
  • Students :

METUMIR is composed of 7 teams and has 40 active members. The teams are:

  • Blog Team: The team is responsible for creating a variety of contents and keeping the blog up to date.
  • Organization Team: The Team is responsible for the panels and webinars.
  • Online Library Team: The team collects and uploads articles to Mendeley to create an online library about migration that is open to everyone in Metumir.
  • PR Team: The team deals with the promotion of METUMIR and its activities in the academy and social media.
  • Project Team: The team conducts project writing trainings, finds project ideas and ultimately execute these projects.  
  • Reading Team: The team arranges monthly webinars to discuss academic papers, current issues, and invite experts regarding migration studies
  • Research Team: The team conducts research on topics related to migration.