Honorary Academic Board


Dr. Başak KALE

Associate Professor of International Relations and Chair of European Studies Program, Middle East Technical University, Ankara.
Dr. Başak Kale is the Chair of European Studies and the coordinator of the Migration Research Program (METUMIR) of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence Center for European Studies, METU. She is also an Associate Professor of International Relations. She also holds affiliated positions at the Institute of European Studies, University of British Columbia (UBC) and the UBC Migration Research Excellence Cluster, Vancouver. In addition to these positions, she is an independent ethics expert working for the European Commission at the Ethics and Research Integrity Sector, DG Research and Innovation. Dr. Kale is a specialist on international migration, forced migration studies, European integration, and research ethics. She taught and conducted research at various institutions including UBC, Harvard University, UC Berkeley, Simon Fraser University, Boğaziçi University and Hitotshubashi University (Tokyo). She has extended experience in project initiation, management and overall project assessment focusing on European integration and migration studies.

Most recently, she was the consultant for the report on “Identifying Elements of Programming on Gender Based Violence in Refugee Communities in Turkey” with the DC based NGO HasNa. She was also recently responsible for the research design, implementation and preparation of the part “Mapping the Organization Structure of Turkey’s International Protection System” of the “Turkey’s International Protection System Report lead by ICMDP, Previously, she was the team leader for the Migration and Mobility WP of the Future of EU-Turkey Relations: MappingDynamics and Testing Scenarios (FEUTURE), a HORIZON2020 project (feuture.eu). She has recently completed the German Marshall Fund of the US awarded Alumni Leadership Action Project on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Bringing Together Refugee, Migrant and Host Communities “ executed by METUMIR in collaboration with EntreComp Europe, TOBB and TOBB TTO.

Outside academia, she is the founding and governing body member of Turkey’s first migration research specialized NGO, IGAM and IGAM Academy. She is also a founding member of the Turkey’s Refugee Council (TRC). In 2018, she worked with the International Refugee Congress as a consultant for the Durable Solutions Working Group on Global Compact for Refugees. She has also consulted for various international organizations including the UNHCR, Council of Europe, OSCE and the UN. Most recently, she has prepared a policy paper for Euromesco on a global and EU level approach for enhancing employment opportunities and economic inclusion of refugees through trade incentives. In 2009, Dr. Kale was a national winner and a world finalist of the Ten Young Outstanding Persons (TOYP) Awards from the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in the category of “Political Science, Law, and Public Administration”. She became a fellow of the Turkey-EU Future Forum of Mercator Fellowship in 2016 on the theme featuring migration and Turkey-EU relations. Previously she was selected as one of the European Marshall Memorial Fellows (EMMF) of the German Marshall Fund of the US.
She has a DPhil. (University of Oxford,) a PhD. (METU), a MSc. (LSE) and a BSc. (METU).

Expertise: Politics of international migration, forced migration, displacement, refugees, economic and social integration of refugees and migrants, civil society engagement, migrant integration, migrant rights, migration policy, governance, migration research ethics, international, global, Europe, Canada, EU, Turkey, Greece, MENA and Mediterranean.


Dr. Zana ÇİTAK

Associate Professor of International Relations at Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Zana Çitak (M.Sc. LSE, Ph.D. Boston University) is an Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at Middle East Technical University. She was a Visiting Fellow at the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at University of Notre Dame, USA in 2011-2012. She has published in statereligion relations, nationalism, Islam and Turkish Islamic organizations in Europe. Her articles appeared in Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies, Global Networks, Journal of Church and State, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies.

Expertise: Diaspora politics, role of religion in society, migrant organizations, social cohesion, migrant integration, public perceptions of migration, Europe, EU, Turkey and Mediterranean.




Dr. Şerif Onur Bahçecik

Associate Professor of International Relations and Chair of Asian Studies Program, at Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Onur holds a PhD degree in Political Science from Carleton University, Canada. He was a visiting fellow at Institut français des relations international in France in 2016. He has previously published in Ortadogu Etudleri, New Perspectives on Turkey, Third World Quarterly and Global Policy. He has co-edited book on human rights of Muslim migrants in Western countries (State, Religion and Muslims: Between Discrimination and Protection at the Legislative, Executive and Judicial Levels, Brill, 2020).

Expertise: Human rights of migrants in Western countries, politics of humanitarian aid






Associate Professor of Economics at Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Pınar Derin-Güre is an Assoc. Professor in the Department of Economics in METU and a researcher in ODTÜ-GÜNAM (Center of Excellence in Solar Research). She holds a B. Sc. and Masters in economics degrees from METU (2001 and 2003) and Ph.D. in Economics Degrees (2009) from Boston University, USA.

She had been a visiting scholar at Dartmouth College, Boston University, and Brandeis University in the US and held lectures in Development Economics, Macroeconomics, and Financial Markets. She is interested in Development economics, focusing on the economics of immigration, tax policy, and renewable energy. She has been a part of the Horizon 2020 Geosmart Project in 2021 and was the Project leader in national research project (Tübitak 1004) on Socioeconomic Impacts of Solar Energy.

Expertise: Development economics, development and migration, migration economics, drivers of migration, migration data, international, global, Europe, EU, Turkey and Mediterranean.


Dr. Ilhan ÖZEN

Assistant Professor of Economics at Middle East Technical University, Ankara.

Ilhan Ozen graduated from the Economics Department of Bilkent University in 2004, and received his MA and Ph.D. degrees in Economics from Johns Hopkins University Economics Department. He conducted his thesis on the specific area of labor migration and its society level health effects. The specialty areas that he focused with his thesis, and his post-thesis work has been development economics, political economy and health economics.

Expertise: Migration and Health, Forced Migration and Impact on Political Economy, migration data, migrant integration, migration economics, international, global, Europe and Turkey.