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Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Bringing Together Refugee, Immigrant and Host Communities Project


Applications are now open for the INTERSECT Project funded by the German Marshall Fund Alumni Leadership Programme on “Inclusive Entrepreneurship: Bringing Together Refugee, Immigrant and Host Communities”. The main goal of the INTERSECT Project is to develop networks among host and refugee communities through a training module on entrepreneurship. The module consists of various training seminars, held by experienced trainers, which will allow 40 young participants to acquire and develop the necessary skills to support future entrepreneurs.

Participants to the training will follow the training modules supported by EntreComp Europe and TOBB Brussels Office (Belgium). All participants are expected to present a potential entrepreneurial idea during the INTERSECT Networking Event to a jury of members including the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) TOBB-ETU Technology Transfer Office, TOBB-ETU Migration Studies Programme, GMF Brussels Office and GMF Ankara Office. Based on the feedback received the selected project will be offered support from TOBB and TOBB-ETU Technology Transfer Office. After successful completion of the programme and networking event, the participants will receive an “Entrepreneurship Training Certificate” and became part of the INTERSECT Alumni Network and its online platform.

The INTERSECT Project is undertaken by METUMIR (Migration Research Programme at Middle East Technical University) lead by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Başak Kale (MMF EMF 2011). INTERSECT is funded by GMF ALAP Fund. The project receives valuable contributions from the project partners: TOBB, GMF Brussels, EntreComp Europe and TOBB-ETU Technology Transfer Office.

Who can apply?

  • Participants must be within the age group of 18-30.
  • Participants must know either Turkish or English (Competency on both languages will be an asset).
  • 20 participants from the host community (Turkish citizens) and 20 participants from the refugee/migrant communities (non-Turkish) will be selected.
  • Participants can apply either individually or as a team (up to 3 persons).
  • Teams that include both host and refugee/migrant members will be considered favourably.
  • Participants must have at least a high school diploma.
  • No prior entrepreneurship experience is required. Ideas that were presented in other calls or competitions will be considered for participation.
  • Gender and age balance between the participants will be considered during the selection process.

Deadline for Applications: 1st October 2021

Announcement of the Application Results: 15th October 2021

Start: 6th November 2021

If you have any questions you can get in touch with us via:


Migration Research at METU (METUMIR) is an interdisciplinary migration research platform, hosted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Center for European Studies (JMCE CES). METUMIR aims to enhance the interdisciplinary dialogue on migration research and the interaction between academics and researchers who work on migration while developing new research agendas. METUMIR organizes academic activities and implements projects related to migration research, cooperates with institutions working in the field of migration including academia, IOs, SCOs, public and private institutions and supports dissemination activities for on-going studies to larger audiences.

What is the scope of the INTERSECT Project?

As a result of the mass movement of refugees fleeing Syria since 2011, Turkey became the world’s largest refugee-hosting country with 3.7 million Syrian refugees in addition to almost 500.000 asylum seekers from various nationalities. In such a context, the starting point of the INTERSECT Project is the need to support social cohesion and inclusion of refugees/migrants into the host communities for enhancing their local integration in Turkey. The project aims to support both host and migrant/refugee communities; offer remedies for social and economic inequalities, develop social awareness, create opportunities for interaction and exchange, and finally contribute to strengthening social inclusion within migrant and refugee-hosting societies.

INTERSECT Project will bring experts, stakeholders and potential entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic together. At the end of the trainings a networking workshop will be held to provide an interactive platform between the beneficiaries for access to funding opportunities and potential sponsors as well as to boost exchange of ideas. The outputs of the project will be disseminated via the project’s website.

How and When will the project be conducted?

The INTERSECT Project will be conducted through 2 sets of training workshops and a networking event over November 2021. Applications will be open until 1st October 2021. The first training seminars will be held on 6th November 2021 and the second set of training seminars will be held on 13th November 2021. A final networking workshop will be organized on 20th November 2021. In order to receive a certificate at the end of the project, the participants must attend all the training seminars and the networking workshop. The trainings and networking workshop will be conducted online.